Sup world

Here's the deal: I try out shiny stuff I'm interested in, document most of it here and you help me remember anything useful I've learned in the process. I was actually talking to git, didn't see you standing there. Oh well, I fancy being watched anyways, let's get started.

Metalsmith with fries on the side

Metalsmith who? It's awesome, even though I keep hearing in the back of my head Jekyll, Middleman, Hugo, etc. But why go static in the first place? I'm not serving huge amounts of traffic (yet); the only answer I can make up right now is that I want to play around with the tool -no pun intented- and not just using it. That means that JavaScript or PHP were my first options since I'm not a ruby person, nor am I eager to learn Go or yet another language. After a couple of test drives I found Metalsmith, and just putting together a couple of plugins felt right. Props to Rob Ribeiro + Robin Thrift for awesome tutorials that I highly recommend to get started with Metalsmith, and of course all Metalsmith contributors.

What I enjoyed most of this site generator was the gulp-like pipe strategy for chaining your process. Also its awesome how easy you can write your own plugin to handle any crazy idea you can come up with. In the next post I'll write about the plugin I made to help me translate this blog and a couple of tricks I used.

Me, Myself & Irene

I'm an iOS Developer, but curious about lots of different technologies. I also enjoy tearing everything apart and putting it back together to learn how it works. Expect posts about Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, Docker, and anything else that gets in my way. Hope this might be of any help for someone, somewhere, somehow... That would make it totally worth it.

One small thing I'd like to point out, now that I've finally started writing something other than code, now I see its not that easy to translate as I had planned (specially jokes), let's just hope the writing get's better with time... I promise I'll keep puns to when they are absolutely necessary.